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Lucid Motors Lands Major Military Contract to Develop Advanced Battery Modules

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Lucid Motors has secured a significant contract with the US Department of Defense to develop battery modules for military platforms' electrification. This opportunity is also extended to Canoo, GM Defense, and two other unnamed companies to develop standardized batteries for military applications.

The main aim of the contract is to reduce the barriers between the military and commercial sectors. In exchange for research funding and revenue, the companies are expected to create battery modules that can be utilized for a range of military applications. Lucid has been assigned the task of creating high-voltage battery systems specifically for EV tactical military vehicles.

Daphne Fuentevilla, the Deputy Director at the Department of the Navy Operational Energy, explained that the Defense Department is keen on incorporating commercial building block batteries into military use. The goal is to explore how to leverage large building blocks, package commercial technology into non-proprietary defense interfaces, and integrate the evolving batteries at the speed of industry into defense platforms with static structures.

The DoD's Jumpstart for Advanced Battery Standardization project is also a part of the contract, allowing manufacturers to develop batteries tailor-made for the rigorous demands of military applications. Canoo is tasked with researching ways to integrate electric power sources into future military applications while GM Defense will adapt its Ultium platform for the same purpose.

This contract is a significant opportunity for Lucid Motors, Canoo, GM Defense, and the other two companies to contribute to the development of advanced battery technology for military applications. It's also a chance to explore new possibilities for the integration of EV technology into various military platforms.


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