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Revolutionizing Transportation: Electric Trucks Deliver Nissan's Latest EVs Emissions-Free

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Electric Trucks Make their Way to Nissan Dealerships Thanks to Avant Garde Logistics Collaboration.

In Downey, California, an all-electric Class 8 truck arrived at a Nissan dealership, marking a significant milestone in the transportation industry.

The truck is fully battery-powered, making emissions-free transportation possible for Nissan's newest all-electric vehicle, the Ariya. Nikola Vehicles, the manufacturer of the electric trucks, has partnered with Avant Garde Logistics to address the issue of emissions from port operations. Chris Styles, Vice President of Logistics for Nissan North America, says the collaboration is designed to solve a piece of the puzzle by reducing emissions from diesel trucks that sit in traffic for long periods, spilling out emissions within the ports.

As a part of Nissan's global strategic initiative to move society toward electric vehicles, they plan to be emissions-free by 2050. The electric trucks are an essential part of this initiative, allowing for zero-emissions transportation and quieter operation on roads like the 110, 710, and 405 freeways.

With a range of over 300 miles, the electric trucks can be charged overnight during off-peak hours, making it possible to transport as many electric cars as possible. And with a recharge time of only three to three-and-a-half hours at 175 kilowatts, the electric trucks are the perfect solution for emissions-free transportation.

As more electric trucks hit the road, emissions from transportation are expected to decrease, leading to cleaner air for everyone. So, the next time you catch a glimpse of a car transporter, don't forget to check out the truck itself. It could be the newest model in the trucking world, leading the way to a cleaner future.


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