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AT&T Takes the Wheel as the Exclusive Connectivity Provider for Lucid Electric Vehicles in the U.S

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Looking for a car that offers cutting-edge connectivity and the latest driving experiences? Look no further than Lucid's full line of electric vehicles (EVs), now exclusively connected by AT&T in North America.

Thanks to AT&T's advanced connectivity solutions, Lucid EVs offer a suite of services and features that make driving more enjoyable, convenient, and capable. These include telematics, diagnostics, streaming audio, and intelligent navigation that optimizes driving range and minimizes charging stops. Plus, Lucid's Air model is designed to get better over time, thanks to over-the-air software updates.

"The strength of AT&T's network and IoT leadership in the connected car space are key reasons Lucid chose AT&T to connect our vehicles," said Michael Bell, Senior Vice President, Digital at Lucid Motors. "Together, Lucid and AT&T are creating new possibilities for drivers and vehicles."

With this partnership, AT&T further cements its position as a leader in the connected car space, with connections to 60 automotive brands. And with 95% of cars expected to be connected by 2030, AT&T is driving transportation to the next level.

Experience the future of connected driving with Lucid and AT&T.


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